Jessie Lijiaqi


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Life, Memory

“You are cloud, ocean, oblivion’s misgt. And you are also all that you have lost.”

Eventually we got to the beach together, but we weren't able to build a fire because it was raining and the beach was just disappeared.

We are existing


Everything looks strange here, the natural landscape against the backdrop of the high buildings. But it echoes the topic of our previous workshop discussion. Will a place eventually disappear? This also represents the process with Radcliff from boom to bust. We saw a swan and my friend said it must have got lost in the process. The first time I came to this beach there were no people but a bunch of swans, but this time we were here without the swans. So for me we became these swans as we walked through the city, got lost and explored again. Eventually this swan swam towards the wooden pole which was submerged by the sea and looked even more lonely against the backdrop of the city.


I will use the video clips shot on two visits to my site. all the images corresponding to each other. The sound of everyone reading the writing poems will be heard throughout the film, which will eventually end with the sound of the waves and the sound of us singing. We are the lost swans.