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Life, Memory

“You are cloud, ocean, oblivion’s misgt. And you are also all that you have lost.”

The White  Boat

Group Project
Jiaqi Li, Shunning Xie, Wenyu Hu, Julia Moreno Villaca
Hacknay Wick

According to the Boater Census Survey (Canal& River Trust" 2022), there are approximately 35,000 boats on canals and rivers, with 79 percent of boaters having home moorings. This indicates that the waterway was not only a harbor, but also a residence for most people. This realization brought a sense of novelty to me because this is my first time getting to know this kind of lifestyle. However, people had plenty of stereotypes, perceiving this lifestyle as dangerous, nomadic, and unstable. This prompt me to question how the floating river could be a foundation of a home? Why people chose it?